aj thirstiest was here lol txt it AWAY THIS WEEK - Manifest Destination


guess which one is a homosexual


All of these #GreenTVShows tweets were made with reduced carbon emissions, but which one will be reprocessed into a champion? Find out on tonight’s @midnight.


day 2 in Hawaii and I’m taking selfies while studying


Hey, they should do a reverse version of Faking It where a couple of lesbians pretend to be straight so they’re accepted!
They could call it “Real Life”.


when people make fun of you for being too youngimage

Why does Noah need blog sitters instead of just setting up a queue?

either he couldn’t be bothered to queue enough stuff to last a whole week or he didn’t want to mess with his queue settings or he just wanted it to be more active than if it was just a queue posting I dunno (-aj)


the dude who pulls out a cigarette in front of a girl with lung cancer and then acts like sir dickweed mcfucklamp when she doesn’t understand the worst metaphor on earth seems to be tumblr’s newest squeeze

day 2 in Hawaii and I’m taking selfies while studying